This week in things we love to see: Copenhagen Fashion Week finally goes fur-free.

Copenhagen Fashion Week has announced that it will go fur-free, banning fur from all of its participating brands and shows.


It’s a frankly overdue decision from the Danish capital. The British Fashion Council ditched fur from London Fashion Week back in 2018, and Copenhagen’s neighbouring cities of Oslo, Amsterdam and Helsinki have all turned their backs on the inhumane practice too. Shamefully, Paris and Milan still allow fur at their fashion week shows.


Now, nearly all top designers have cut fur from their lines, including Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. Cult Scandi favourites GANNI, Stine Goya and Saks Potts, who are all showing at CPHFW, also join this line-up.


Banning fur at Copenhagen Fashion Week is another move in the city’s continuous push for sustainability. In early 2020, CEO Cecilie Thorsmark shared that CPHFW will require designers to meet sustainability requirements from 2023, starting off with the Autumn/Winter 2023 season.