Singer-songwriter Posie has dropped her enigmatic and intriguing new track, "Cordelia".

Posie – real name Jessica Flamand – has been writing and playing guitar from an early age. The Los Angeles singer-songwriter took early inspiration from pioneering female artists like Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell, as well as newer artists such as Laura Marling, and put together a debut EP at the impressively early age of 17.


Guided by her belief in the power of music to reveal hidden truths about life, Posie’s songs are works of storytelling that draw on her clear love of words, conveyed with an eye for the sensibilities of her forerunner heroes and also for the ongoing trends of modern pop.


Keeping that trend going, Posie has dropped a new track, “Cordelia”, a warm and folk-inflected tune that creates a vibrant character representing both classical and modern notions of femininity. It’s a great showcase of Posie’s eye for memorable choruses, but also her willingness to follow her own idiosyncratic interests into new territory.


On the track, Posie explains: “I love to use female names for titles and Cordelia had been on my mind for a few years, when we started to work on the melody and structure it all clicked into place quickly. Cordelia is the name of one of the daughters in Shakespeare’s King Lear. I won’t delve too deeply into what specifically inspired parts of lyrics because a lot of it’s subconscious and should remain up to the listener to interpret. But loosely it’s a bit of a twist on who Cordelia would be if  she was a character in the modern world. What her story would be. This song in particular combines a few of my favorite themes in songwriting. Femininity and escapism. It’s fun and it feels good – but if you dig in there’s symbolism layered throughout.” 

Listen below: