South London’s next big thing, Po Purple, releases second single ‘COREY’, a melodic drill-inspired anthem reciting the life of a troublemaker.

With unwavering intensity, rapper Po Purple unleashes his unbridled talent in latest release, ‘COREY’. Marking the second single from the wordsmith, Po Purple redefines the drill genre with a vibrant and infectious melody, placing an innovative twist on drill’s traditional style that not only blurs its conventional boundaries but also introduces a fresh perspective that leaves us craving for more.


Hailing from South London, Loso, who performs under the name Po Purple, has honed his craft from an early age. Raised on a musical diet of household names like Snoop Dogg and Biggie Smalls, it didn’t take him long to start putting pen to paper. After broadening his horizons in his teenage years by participating in various talent competitions, his life took a challenging turn as he battled anxiety after a traumatic event. Rather than allowing this adversity to stifle his artistic expression, he joined a course at Notting Hill Academy of Music. It was there when his hallmark sound began to take shape.


In ‘COREY’, we see Po Purple skilfully weave a lyrical narrative that delves into the turbulent life of a youthful troublemaker. As the track progresses and the story unfolds, we see this character grapple with the consequences of their actions in later life. This witty wordplay delivered by Po Purple, is set against a backdrop of melodic synths and a cutting-edge instrumental with a pulsating bassline that reverberates throughout. The track feels complete, like every word and beat has been meticulously planned and crafted with intention.


Even though this is only the lyrical maestros second offering to the world, ‘COREY’ rightfully heralds a bright future for the South London artist, and we eagerly anticipate its unfolding.


Speaking on the single Po Purple commented “My second release to the world of music, and I’m going for it full throttle. My name is PO and I like purple, and I say worddd.”

Listen to 'COREY' now: