Pop-rock artist Ryan Mitchell shares a music video for his latest single “Covergirl” - his most streamed song to date.

Ryan Mitchell is a pop-rock artist who prides himself in creating singable anthems. Refusing to conform with guitar-led trends, the multifaceted singer/performer caters for a range of rock sonics whilst creating something inherently soulful. Today Ryan shared a video for his latest single, “Covergirl”, which is his most streamed song to date. 


Resonating with thousands of fans, Ryan has amassed a strong following on TikTok. He recently embarked on gig venues across Los Angeles and continues to prove himself with a likeable personality and affable musicianship. Each of his singles boast personality, from the autoune croons on “The Raven” to the more shrilling falsettos of “Russian Roulette”. “Covergirl”, however, marks a triumphent step up from previous singles. 


An elegant approach in both presentation and execution, “Covergirl”, and its music video, explores quintessentially American obsessions. The visuals champion a Wes Anderson vibe thanks to its varying angles and choice of colour palette. The track itself utilises a sombre instrumental and Ryan’s unique cadence to craft a cut intrinsic to him. 

Listen to "Covergirl" below: