BOSSIIE has dropped her throwback of a new song, "Covid Blues".

How to keep going in a time where creativity and love both seem to be secondary concerns? That’s a question which South African born, London raised artist BOSSIIE has been dead set on tackling. She’s an artist who is happy to draw on all corners to answer the questions which are pressing on her – from film composers to Hans Zimmer to rap legends like Nipsey Hussle to titans of the industry like Drake.


They all come together in her new tune “Covid Blues”, where she brings all the stress of the last two years into musical expression. Instead of just plunging into the collective misery we all experienced, BOSSIIE aims to see the bright side of the situation, drawing out the longing of all being physically distanced from one another and reflecting with surprising optimism on the ways that technology could help us to communicate. It’s the kind of track that suits those very private bedroom dance parties, just for a little throwback.


On the tune, BOSSIIE says, “The song is inspired by the lockdown period, which left me very lonely and longing to be around my loved ones. Lockdown felt like desperate times and one of my family members suggested that I write a song about how I was feeling, but also about how vulnerable we all felt – from people who couldn’t get by and do things themselves to the likes of the elderly and the sick as well. The thought was overwhelming for me, so I wanted to write something that would cheer people up instead of going deep into the sorrow that we were all going through”.

Listen here: