Donovan Keith has dropped a genre-hopping new tune, "Cruel Fools Eye".

Donovan Keith’s music is all about soul and showmanship: digging into those deep and uncomfortable emotions we all feel, but in a way that makes you get up and dance rather than feel miserable about it. It’s an approach that’s harder than it looks, but he’s made it his trademark. Keith has opened for the likes of Enrique Iglesias, and made his own fans with his ability to reach beyond genre to something more universal.


His latest single, “Cruel Fools Eye”, puts his genre-hopping and mood-blending approach on display for all to see. Keith puts the inherent timelessness of his vocals to good use with a sound that feels like it’s come from the heyday of soul, while a lush and vibrant instrumental backing charges the song with the upbeat and optimistic energy that lies in intriguing contrast to the often dark and sombre tone of the lyrics.


On the song, Keith says, “Cruel Fools Eye is about the habit of chasing the things that neglect you. Sometimes we tend to be attracted to what our impression of someone is when they’re actually toxic and not good for us at all. At the same we completely ignore those who are interested in us, who see our value, and would be great for us. Having a Cruel Fools Eye means being so distracted by the toxic that you’re blind to any real connection.”

Listen here: