American musician, singer, songwriter and designer Austin Sands goes solo with the release of the video for his new single "Cruise".

Known for his work playing with the band Metro Station that brought us hits like “Shake It”, Austin Sands released a solo project in August this year. Working with director and actress Mika Boorem, the accompanying video for “Cruise” is full of palm trees, new friends, good times, and city lights (exactly what we need right now). 


Sands’ musical background is a varied one. Originates from up and down the coast of California, Sands has played guitar since the age of nine and was playing live shows at the age of just eleven. Trained in classical, flamenco, music theory, and songwriting as a child, Sands excelled in basketball until an injury left him stuck at home. During this time, he further immersed himself in music. He describes taking inspiration from bands such as Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins and Blink-182 while also gaining a serious interest in composers like J.S. Bach and Issac Albeniz, and classical guitar virtuoso Andrés Segov. 


Aside from his musical successes, Sands is a designer and entrepreneur, specifically in the world of luxury eyewear. He is a partner in an eyewear division that sees frames worn by the likes of Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Jennifer Anniston among others.


Sands shared that the idea for “Cruise” was conceived on the Pacific Coast Highway, through the adventure roads “that connect one life with many”. The video depicts the Americana history of cruising, focusing on a scenic car sequence. For Sands, the video “screams feel-good summer, with a touch of neon nightlife and a hint of retro Buick Electra.” Boorem, the director describes finding “the perfect cruising car”, “adding texture and character to the coastline” and “matching the song’s electronic vibe”. The attention to detail is evident and the energy of the track is matched perfectly. 

Watch the video for "Cruise" below: