Alternative-pop trio Them Fantasies draw out ride-along lyrics for brand new single “Cruise Control”.

LA-based Them Fantasies are back with an infectious new release “Cruise Control”. Following their exhilarating predecessor “Billionaires”, (which saw the band drop a playful video of them morphing into astronauts) – this new single is a bolder representation of the band’s dynamic storytelling skills. 


Having spent some time at a writing retreat in Southern California, the band’s latest single “Cruise Control” is an honest track about human interactions and a deep dive into combating negative energy. Throughout this single, all three band members have come together (in equal measure) to create its infectious hook and witty lyrical journey. 


Speaking about the meaning behind “Cruise Control”,  Them Fantasies says: “Some people carry their baggage around with them as a personality trait. And you gotta cruise away from those mofos because they WILL bring you down with themselves over time. And ‘Cruise Control’ is about exactly that: turning that shit on, riding off into the sunset, and never looking back”.

Stream “Cruise Control” below: