The German alternative duo offer intriguing emotional expression on their latest track.

Wolfskind & Bayuk represents the thrilling collision of two young artists with a unique approach to their creativity. Both based in Germany, each member cut their teeth in the music industry on their own before linking up for a collaboration that took them to new levels.


Their first EP in 2019 proved to be a global hit with 10 million streams and counting on Spotify, and they’re set to continue the momentum with a forthcoming release of a new collection of songs on an EP entitled ‘Your Social Battery’. They’re offering a taste of how their brand of “melancholic hip-hop” is set to continue with the drop of a new single, “Cry Cry”.


The new track subverts expectations from the get-go, taking expectations that might have been built up from the emotive song title and offering instead a tranquil and ambient soundscape for the listener to move through at a relaxed pace. The complimenting vocals on the track offer a range of emotional expression that prove their dedication to challenging preconceptions and offering a varied experience for the listener.


Taking free advantage of their ability to make their own surreal and catchy world, this up and coming duo are surely one to keep an eye on as their sound continues to develop.

Listen here: