On ‘Cry & Get A Little Drunk’, Dublin-based band The Valmonts raise a bittersweet toast to a love lost.

Made up of Darragh Whyte (vocals, guitar), Cathal Sweeney (guitar), Tymek Kocurkiewicz (bass) and Keith Whyte (drums), The Valmonts have established their own brand of indie-rock. Having all discovered music at a young age, their influences range from classic tracks played by their parents (spanning the 80s, 90s and 00s), to the Grand Theft Auto Vice City soundtrack and, more recently, the likes of New Radicals and INXS. From playing in a garage after school to festival stages, in recent years the band has grown from strength to strength.


New single ‘Cry & Get A Little Drunk’ sees The Valmonts at their best. Taken from their upcoming LP, Living In A Paranoid Trance, the track sets the tone for a body of work that feels like a patchwork of their influences – ranging from grittier moments to catchy pop top lines. Produced by Stuart Gray, who’s previously collaborated with the likes of Hozier and Glen Power of The Script, the track moves from introspective verses with raw vocals, to a climactic, high-energy chorus layered with electric guitar chords. A hopeful ode to moving on after a love lost, it’s a stirring, emotive song for finding your own light again.


“This song came together in the most natural way possible,” the band says of their creative process. “The four of us one day at rehearsal jamming. Darragh had some lyrics he had previously been working on and by the end of the day, we had a full new song. Recording it was a whole other story. There are more guitar tracks on this song than we can count.” Stream ‘Cry & Get A Little Drunk’ here.


Listen to ‘Cry & Get A Little Drunk’: