Ocean Tisdall explores the private pain of crying at a party in his new track.

Ocean Tisdall has crafted himself into a sharp voice of Gen Z in almost no time. His tracks have explored difficult and anxious experiences like on “Broke Up With My Best Friend”, or in the poignant ‘anti-Valentine’s’ track “White Lies”, which became a viral hit earlier this year.


Now, Tisdall turns his watchful eye towards a new experience in his track “Crying Room”. With Tisdall’s warm and rich voice as the anchor, the song shrewdly observes the anxieties and difficulties that emerge at a house party, crafting a painful experience into pop that is in equal turns catchy and thoughtful.


It’s accompanied by a music video which embodies Tisdall’s ideas in captivating style, placing Tisdall at the centre of a party that begins to descend into a humorous surrealism as the partygoers start to be overcome by the force of their emotion.


On the song, Tisdall says, “‘Crying Room’ to me is the epitome of growing up in Gen Z. Sometimes we allow our emotions to control the outcome of our reality and it’s so hard not letting that ruin core memories in our life. I wanted to write about the feeling of being “that guy” at a party. Depressed & consumed by tears, we often drown others that may be dealing with their own issues but wanting an escape into our own mess, so having a ‘Crying room’ to go to at these places would have been perfect.”

Watch here: