The Boiler Room x CUPRA stage returned to Primavera Sound Barcelona this year, showcasing the best in global electronic music.

 In just two years, the Boiler Room x CUPRA stage has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of Primavera Sound Barcelona, almost as if it had always belonged there. What was once an unfamiliar territory in Parc del Fòrum has become an iconic dancefloor: a sanctuary for music enthusiasts and clubbers alike. This year, from May 30th to June 1st, the stage returned to elevate the festival and its legendary DJ lineup once again.

The collaboration between Boiler Room, CUPRA, and Primavera Sound has consistently delivered boundary-pushing performances from the world’s most forward-thinking selectors. This year’s lineup featured an eclectic mix of talent, including a transgressive DJ set by Arca, viral sensation Bb trickz, who made his Spanish festival debut, and Evian Christian’s inaugural Boiler Room performance. From the mutant baile funk of DJ Ramon Sucesso to the genre-blending hip-hop of They Hate Change, the stage showcased a diverse array of sounds that defied categorisation. 

Beyond the music, the Boiler Room x CUPRA stage served as a platform for marginalised voices and dissident movements. The Latineo collective championed migrant and queer identities, while artists like El Kontessa and Adrasha represented vibrant local scenes waiting to be discovered. Toccororo brought a taste of alternative Latin culture to the stage, adding depth and diversity to the exciting lineup. 

In essence, Boiler Room x CUPRA at Primavera Sound Barcelona was a glimpse into the future of music, while remaining firmly rooted in the present. As the festival ends for another year, fans will have to see what this ever-evolving outdoor club space has next. One thing is for certain, though, is Primavera Sound will always be blessed with the best in leftfield electronica for as long as the stage remains.