Dark-pop artist Loren Heat releases confident debut single, “Curiosity”, out now.

Born out of a university project, “Curiosity” is the bold debut of pop newcomer Loren Heat. It draws from the musical influences of Mabel and Dua Lipa, but is taken to a darker, new realm of pop music. The Middlesborough-born student also soaks in influence from the north-east’s LGBTQIA+ community, creating an uplifting alternative for life’s difficult conditions. 


Opening up on the meaning behind “Curiosity”, Loren shares, “This song is about the ‘will they, won’t they’ and the frustrations when the person who makes your skin feel alight and your mind alive won’t be honest with how they feel. You don’t know whether they’re being friendly or flirting and the feeling is tormenting, more-so when the interactions begin to border on lustful and the answers become hazier. This is that confrontation.”


For the track, they’ve teamed up with producer Chad Male, and Pete Maher – who mastered the project, to create as strong an introduction to their artistry as possible. It marks a big step from their humble beginnings, playing open mic nights and uploading ukelele covers to TikTok. Even back then, though, Loren knew they wanted their original music to be defiant and unapologetically pop. Eager to make a mark on the thriving north-east scene, it’s immediately clear that this is just the beginning for Loren Heat.