Dai Burger serves up a plate of confidence-boosting, sex-positive sass on her new EP 'Dessert'. We chat with the Queens rapper about what her music tastes like and going with the flow.

New York City’s Dai Burger, likes everything Well Done. That’s not just the name of the IGTV series she launched during lockdown but her general M.O.


Like the pictures she took exclusively for this feature, Dai Burger’s Instagram is an explosion of colour and good vibes. From sharing a ‘Rainbow Cut Crease Tutorial’ to tips on how to ‘Energize Your Workspace’ and a recipe video for Jamaican sea moss, Burger lives her life the way her music sounds: charged with energy.


The Queens musician has been bubbling away under the surface since her debut ‘Dai 1 EP’ was released in 2015, but after a string of singles over the years, now it’s Dai Burger’s time to shine. At the start of the year, she served up her tasty ‘Bite The Burger’ album. Now, she’s showing everyone she means business with the 5-track EP ‘Dessert’, released on 31 July.


Described as the “perfect follow-up” to her album, ‘Dessert’ is “twerkalicious meets gritty…Quarantine meets cuteness. It’s summer in a nutshell”.
The EP is bursting with playful, confident lyrics such as “Baddest on the block/ Baddest on the scene/ Better check that lipstick before you try to check me,” on confidence anthem “Naomi Walk” (a bop inspired by the legendary supermodel, Naomi Campbell). It’s also a sex-positive project, as lyrics on the title track “Dessert” flow, “Get a little taste of the cookies and the cream”.


Dai Burger gave us her tips for being confident, told us what she would title her autobiography (we’d be the first to read it) and chatted about her latest EP, ‘Dessert’. Dive in!

dai burger
dai burger

First of all, how have you been doing the past couple of months?

It’s really been an adjustment to be honest, but I can’t complain! Quarantine caused me to tap into a level of creativity I didn’t know I had.

How has living in Queens, NYC, influenced your sound and style as a rapper and singer?

Just being a New York native is something you can’t fake! My whole approach and demeanour is a product of being from Queens and navigating NYC as a whole growing up. It instils a coolness and a swag in you that you can’t get anywhere else.

You’ve recently released your ‘Dessert’ EP. What do you want people to learn about you, and take away from the project?

This project isn’t so much a learning experience, but more so JUST an experience…. I want everyone to forget the troubles of the world for a few minutes and just dance your A** OFF!

When you started making it, did you have any particular goals in mind? Or do you approach creating with a go-with-the-flow mentality?

No goals. Just a girl expressing myself through music and fashion, as I’ve done most of my life. When being yourself, the whole process becomes a go-with-the-flow vibe.

You serve up a huge plate of confidence on the song “Naomi Walk”. What are your top tips for being confident? 

When you look good, you feel good. Get up, Glam up & GO!

dai burger
dai burger
dai burger

Do you feel confident in your day to day life? 

I do. Even when I’m home chilling in my natural state, I keep myself feeling beautiful by staying groomed, and keeping a clean, clear space. This keeps my confidence in a happy place.

Your music, especially your 2019 album ‘Bite the Burger’, has always been sex-positive. Do you think music has the power to change people’s attitudes towards sex and sexuality?

Maybe not change people’s attitudes. But you will know it, hear it, see it, learn it, and yes, maybe one day learn to accept what you cannot change. 

If your music were a flavour, which would it be?

Party cake ice cream.

What would you title your autobiography?

‘Dai Burger: Well Done’. Which is also the name of my IGTV I’ve created during Quarantine. Everything Well Done!

What song always gets you most hyped when you hear it in the club?

“Rack City” by Tyga lmaoooo! Period!

Listen to Dai Burger's recent 'Dessert' EP below: