Stockholm based post-punk-pop duo LOW-RES release eleven track album ‘Därför’, backing their status as one of the most exciting names in the scene today.

Making their debut in 2021, with the acclaimed full-length album ‘Varför, LOW-RES have since established themselves as one of Sweden’s brightest voices. Creating captivating post-punk, the Adrian Recordings-signed outfit champion an uncompromising sound influenced by 90s ambient and synthesiser-driven music. Last month, they released ‘Däför’, a new record that explores music’s gloriously up-tempo genres, mixing pumping basslines with psychedelic guitar work and twinkling melodies. 


Finding a fine line between the electronic and organic elements of their music, LOW-RES are still in an exciting period of experimentation. Unwilling to confine themselves to a formula, their raw tones possess an elegance that few other artists could replicate. Standout single “Kitchen” sounds straight from the ‘80s, with New Romantic synth-pop elements rattling beneath catchy, self-analysing lyricism. 


‘Däför’ is a follow-up to LOW-RES’ debut album, ‘Varför’. Bound together by a vinyl release, which came out last month, the projects intersect thanks to their similar creative approaches and propensity for kaleidoscopic soundscapes. “Both records were written in the same vein and with the same approach”, says LOW-RES. Adding, “We have a lot of fun making music and it works as an antidepressant”. On ‘Därför’, you can hear this in abundance, as various sonics build into a cathartic release for listeners to indulge in. 

Stream 'Därför' below:

Watch the video for 'Kitchen' below: