Rising star C4. Benard returns with a new full-length project ‘Dark is a Mantra’ following a string of successful new releases.

C4. Benard is an emerging New York-born music prodigy making thought-provoking hip-hop. Back with a brand-new full-length project after a successful year of new releases, ‘Dark is a Mantra’ comes a year after his critically acclaimed instalment ‘Daydreaming’ and is a 12-track mixtape of honest cuts.


Benard’s clever lyricism is one of his many multifaceted talents, and throughout the mixtape he is quick to outsmart listeners with witty one-liners as he discusses the ins and outs of New York street culture. With each track, Benard presents credible depth to this project and explores it as more than just a collection of tracks, but a physical expression of his own experiences.


Speaking about his mixtape Benard says: “This project is a reflection of what I was going through throughout the year. I wanted to experiment with new sounds and make music people can legitimately relate to. The world is a messed up place, but we’ll be fine”.

Stream ‘Dark is a Mantra’ below: