Self-produced and self-signed, musical artist Katus Myles releases a fresh single off his latest EP "Nights In The City".

Reminiscent of the artistic visuals from some of the industries greatest, musical artist Katus Myles mentally carries us through a sensational thought-provoking journey in his latest cinematic visuals for the new single “Dark Nights”. The self-produced and self-signed mystical artist premieres Dark Nights off his latest EP “Nights In The Sky” including six poetic songs which smoothly intertwine together to reflect his slow, meditative and reflective personal atmosphere. Basing the single around the complete evolution of Black Hip Hop in the UK, influencing everything from rave culture to deep soul, Katus perfectly combines his concept with his one of a kind visuals to present his EP with an implicit meaningful poetic message for modern day music.

With Katus’s artistic outlook on presenting situations in a musical and visual format, his lo-fi aesthetics for “Dark Nights” follows a dark yet dreamy journey around Katus’s diary-like poetical lyricism. With a deep impactful bass that flows right through your chest, Katus creates a nostalgic memory and environment where for three minutes we bring light to some of our darkest moments, reflecting right back to those dark pensive nights filled with nothing but our deepest thoughts and dreams.

"Dark Nights" by Katus Myles