Emerging singer and rapper Sycklone covers a vast, sprawling space with his new track, “Darkness.”

Meet Nate Jean, also known as Sycklone, an up-and-coming American singer, songwriter, and rapper from Everett, Massachusetts. Starting his journey as an audio engineer in 2012 at the Everett Boys and Girls Club, he slowly became a music artist.


In 2018, Sycklone left Bentley Records to pursue music independently and discovered modeling as a newfound hobby. During the pandemic, he focused on creating new music “The Green Files” album.


Brooding and beautiful, “Darkness” his most recent release washes over as the verses reflect the inward gaze. The song takes its time, for the tempo is set for stately. Melody proves essential, as it blends ambient and shoegaze. Drone mixed with trap, there is a lot about the unique approach that brings genres together that might have never met before. It is a testament to his intense lyricism that minimalism works in unison with the message. Though it is on the quieter side of things, he imbues softer tones with power. The production adds to the sparkling realm he crafts for the listener, giving it the right cadence.


From the first moment, the Balearic aspect makes its presence felt. Slinking through, the bass is chiseled out to give it a meditative stance. His lyricism has a late-night reflection. Layers intermingle, adding to the deliriously happy sense of purpose that the song radiates. The beats hit with emotional resonance, and the slight delay in some of the vocals further gives it geography. The evolution of the sound has a restraint, a deft one that shows a futuristic look at hip-hop, with the track feeling suspended in the air. A cyclical presence takes hold, adding to the mysticism of the verses. Much like a narrative, one right before the rise or the fall has a dramatic poignancy behind it, feeling fierce as it fades out.


“Darkness” features a fantastic series of twists and turns, with Sycklone exploring the atmosphere in a foggy, hazy daze. Join Sycklone on his journey as he takes the music industry by storm.

Listen to "Darkness" below: