Experimental producer Ohmfield returns with latest single “Darkness Deepens”.

Starting the project in 2018, since then, Ohmfield has been an electronic producer going from strength to strength. The artist’s latest track “Darkness Deepens” shows off what he does best, with clever sampling and captivating melodies.


Citing inspirations including Bonobo, Disclosure and Mura Masa, Ohmfield’s style melds multiple sounds and samples to create a distinct and recognisable sonic texture. His releases so far have drawn in listeners, with tracks “Givin’ Up”, and “Rain Over Zurich” hitting Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist. “Burnout” came earlier this year and found success on platform Hype Machine.


New track “Darkness Deepens” is another great example of Ohmfield’s electronic soundscapes. The sampled lyric tells of positivity “in the darkness, I feel lighter, I feel lighter’, before a male counterpart enters in the song’s break. Showcasing his abilities as a producer and artist on the rise, it’s one to add to your playlists this summer for some immersive listening.

Stream "Darkness Deepens" below: