Blending Afrobeats and Amapiano, Nigerian artist PapaRaZzle releases his latest heartfelt offering to the world.

Drifting from the usual mid-tempo singles he has been seen to release before, PapaRaZzle’s latest single features an upbeat, pop feel to it. Hailing from Nigeria, the London-based artist drops ‘Darling’, an ode to his muse and a song that captures infectious lyrics and joy.


With faster tempos met with heartfelt words and an underlying sense of adoration, PapaRaZzle has incorporated it all. Though changing his vibe ever-so-slightly with the release of ‘Darling’, he stays true to his signature Amapiano sound. Seamlessly blending deep house and lounge upon a syncopated Afrobeat-style 808 and layers of percussion.


After achieving Top 10 charting success on iTunes with his latest single ‘Sunset And You’, the musician has also captivated audiences across Europe on his sold-out tours ranging from London to Istanbul. Since then, his music has only grown in popularity and this new track ‘Darling’ is sure to evoke the same reaction.


When asked about the meaning behind the song, PapaRaZzle responded, “This song is my little contribution to putting some more sweetness, love, and romance back in the world. It is a song that celebrates love, and an appreciation for someone who’s been by your side, plus the song will make you dance. I feel it was my duty to put that energy into the world in the form of music, and I also think ‘Darling’ is such a sweet word, it should be said more (lol). I hope it resonates and people feel it as deeply in their hearts as that’s where it was created from.

Listen to 'Darling' now: