Family Time have dropped a nostalgic slice of disco, "Das Risiko".

Hispano-German cousins Family Time are known for delving deep into the heart of cosmopolitan European culture in their music, influenced both by their dual heritage and their experience living in different cities across the continent, from London to Barcelona.


Their work is a beguiling meeting point between tentative nostalgia and a keen contemporary eye, which is on full display in the new tune “Das Risiko”, the first song that Family Time have recorded entirely in German.


Influenced by 80s German sounds, the song delves deep into the paradoxical relationship shared between cousins, fraught as it is with a wide variety of feelings. The song seems to bristle with a self-sustaining anxiety, with jittery instrumentals and changeable vocals, but it finds its own unusual yet entirely rhythm by the end – a fitting summary of the strange, indescribable nature of creative synthesis.


It’s accompanied by a music video shot in the midst of a Berlin winter, harking back to an older version of the city with its nostalgic, lightly kitschy visuals.

Watch here: