Australian-born artist, CLOVES, gives Notion a sneak peek of her day, ahead of her chilling and introspective new album, 'Nightmare on Elmfield Road'.

After touring with her first album, hitting the stage at Coachella, Lollapalooza and on-air for Late Night TV, CLOVES was shattered. Only 18, she had taken the long haul flight to London from where she would build her musical career. The album did incredibly well – topping over 100 million streams – but CLOVES was burned out. “By the end of it, I felt really down and quite lost in myself,” CLOVES has confessed.


With her upcoming sophomore album, the singer-songwriter, otherwise known as Kaity Dunstan, has channeled all of those feelings of anxiety and depression into a gut-wrenchingly honest and introspective tracklist. The album exorcises her previous feelings of bewilderment and lands the artist, born in Melbourne, back on the music landscape with a brand new image. Only a bit spooky, as the David Lynch nodding name suggests, the 10 track album plunges listeners into a bewitching sonic soundscape.


For ‘Nightmare on Elmsfield Road’, CLOVES recruited the help of producers Hudson Mohawke, Jacob Portrait, Clarence “Coffee” Jr and Detonate. The album tracks CLOVES’ mental health journey: “This record is purely made from necessity, it’s taking all my darkest thoughts and feelings I have about myself and saying them, it’s the start of taking their power away.”


To usher in her captivating new album, the artist exclusively let Notion in on a day in the life of CLOVES.



Photo 1: “MORNING from me and my angel icon woody <3”


Photo 2: “My phone says that on average I spend upwards of 7 hours a day on it, but I choose to believe it’s faulty information.”


Photo 3: “Filming some acoustic live versions today so this was us working out some new arrangements for it.”

Photo 4: “IDK why I’m hanging out by the bin, I could make a trash pun but I’m not going to.”


Photo 5: “When the food arrivesssssssssss.”

Photo 6: “Pulling it back to serious conversation though, nandos >”


Photo 7: “In the corner on the outside looking in I see a sicko etc.”

Photo 8: “It’s just a fun pic IDK.”


Photo 9: “AHHHHHHH is the energy of this image and the energy is because i’m so excited for you to hear the album <3”