Swedish indie rock stalwart Linn Koch-Emmery takes us from back-stage to centre stage of her recent show at London's The Social.

Just arrived at The Social. The guy opening up the upstairs bar later told me he thought I was an influencer who broke in to take my picture.
Leg stretch! Went for a walk around the blocks waiting for my band to arrive. Loving the tropical temperature in London at the moment. Stockholm is still frozen.
My childhood friend Josefine is also one of my favourite bass players. We used to play in the same band in high school, I'm feeling lucky to have her playing with me tonight.
Not a big fan of sound checks, this is normally when I get nervous. Then it usually clings off. Also I never seem to remember which pair of in ear monitor-headphones are actually working.
Soundcheck is done and the rest of the band is heading out to get some food. I've got an interview at a pub next door. Josefine is bringing back something for me to eat.
I accidentally locked myself in the dressing room for 45 minutes. This is me enjoying the free air after I got out. The curry Josefine brought back was of course on the other side of that locked door.
Gig time! A lot of firsts tonight. New songs and a new band. Everyone did so well and it was good to see so many familiar faces in the audience.
That's a wrap. Celebrating the end of a fun night eating the now cold curry. Au revoir, England, this swede will see you later in may when my album is coming out.