Fresh off a label launch and EP release, DJ and producer Peach took us along for a day in the life playing the 18-hour non-stop party at Japanese Rainbow Disco Club.

"Landed in Tokyo from Seoul. Airport to hotel."
"Hotel view in Shibuya."
"First things first - 7/11 Egg sandwich time with HAAi."
"Me and HAAi having a lil drink before her ride to the festival."
"Solo sushi dinner."
"Finally at the festival! RDC drink tickets were especially cute - this is one of the organizers dogs, his name is Wes."
"Backstage onigiri with Hodge."
"Dancefloor lasers during Wata Igarashi b2b Haruka."
"It was cold! This is how the staff kept warm backstage."
"My turn! My set was from 5-8am, the sun rose during my set which was my favourite part."
"Essentials - heatpack, water, Ms Cookys cards, wine, banana, more wine, spare needles, extra harddrive!"
"Dancers during sunrise."
"This person came all the way from Osaka to see me play!"
"The last dancers."
"Taka, Me & Masa. Thank you for having me!"
"HAAi & I in front of the stage we both played while they take it down."
"RDC crew sending us off! Thank you, until next time."

Peach’s EP “Fortune One” is out now on Psychic Readings here.