Alongside the release of disco-soaked single, "UPSIDE DOWN", out today, Shay Lia takes us from morning meetings at Koko to co-hosting a party at The Standard.

"BTS for a shoot with Vicky Grout. It was so cool to land in London (a city I always enjoy and love exploring) and get straight to work with so many great creatives. This shoot was in an old dance studio - like the one in the movie FAME that all the arts kids go to. It was so much fun to immerse myself in the space and play with the camera."
"BTS of the gorgeous makeup by Daniela Alves. I loved how she got my kohl and liner right for this."
"Outside the famous KOKO venue - we had a meeting here and it was such an energetic space to be in, like you could feel its history. I’m manifesting a show here one day."
"I was obsessed with this cloak and shoe combo that a stylist pulled together for me. The drama and the FUN of it all gave me life. I can’t wait for these shots to come out."
"Pasta in a sweet setting - I stumbled across this adorable Italian restaurant in a laneway after a long, long day of work."
"Spent a sweet evening dining at Meraki with The Edit LDN. Everything was delicious and it was such a pleasure to be in a room full of other fashion and sneaker enthusiasts! Everyone’s footwear was fresh."
"The reality of working in multiple cities over very few days… you eat and nap whenever you can! My hair is all over the place after a quick nap between meetings. I think I was eating some shawarma and getting ready to touch up my face before running to the next spot."
"Exploring the touristy Piccadilly Circus by accident (we got off the train too early) and taking in the rush of people running around."
"Right after getting off the train too early! The underground is a real maze - one day I will master it."
"My friend and collaborator Kazeem Kuteyi threw a great party at The Standard Hotel and I co hosted. It was so much fun to watch people get hype to TAKUTÁ in real life. This night was such a dream - I loved looking over the city in that setting and there were so many beautiful people dancing."

Listen to "UPSIDE DOWN" below:


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