Fresh from releasing his debut album, Prayers & Paranoia, singer-songwriter SIPHO. takes us behind the scenes of his recent UK tour.

I 100% look ready to get in the van and go.
Farm shop boys for the win.
Our first Show in Bristol was surprisingly good. It's a must for us to come back and really see the city.
IKEA isn't just for cheap furniture... I'm also sick of tour food.
Put some respect on Big Souljas name, we wouldn't be here without him!
I had to get the Man United top on to tame the crowd.
Welcome to my life *Earl Sweatshirt, Loiter Squad voice.
Have you ever seen clips of James brown performing like rent was due that very second? I was singing for my rent this night, for real!
Boys deserve flowers too.
Everyone actually killed it. We were tighter than ever and gave what, in my opinion, was a critically acclaimed show. While everyone else celebrates, I see someone that owes me money across the room.

Listen to SIPHO.'s latest album PRAYERS & PARANOIA:


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