Singer songwriter Alex Shera shares new R&B pop ballad “Daybreak”, playing with a flirtatious narrative.

Tapping the music of his youth with playful pop sensibilities, Alex Shera’s innate sense of style continues to emerge in his new single, “Daybreak”. Moving to LA at the ripe age of 17, which gave him a canvas of infinite possibilities, the singer’s music builds worlds through vivid storytelling and dreamy instrumentation.


Inspired by the inner workings of Hollywood and its much-addressed celebrity culture, Alex Shera leans on nostalgia to create emphatic pop music. He now has five singles to his name, and an unparalleled modern style is quickly setting himself apart from the crowd.


“Daybreak” explores the initial encounters you have with someone you love, and the flirtatious atmosphere that comes with this. Romanticising a summery vibe, the track combines a melting pot of pop sounds to create a dancy track that offers moments of contemplation. If he continues to create catchy pop hits, Alex Shera will surely cement his spot in LA’s burgeoning music scene.

Listen to "Daybreak" below: