Here to break language barriers with her ethereal vocal tones is Dutch singer song-writer Eefje De Visser, with a video for her recent release ‘De Parade’.

Shot on tape, Eefje De Visser’s new music video exudes an old school cinematic feel. With subtitles placed at the bottom of the screen, it blends well enough for it to not stand out that it would take away from the video’s aesthetic but clear enough for you to follow every line she sings. Not only will Eefje captivate her listeners with her dreamy tone but her lyrical ability proves she is an artist to look out for in the international alt-pop scene.


Along with her mesmerising choreography that almost feels like it’s coming from a place of vulnerability, this song will leave you wanting to reflect on the people you know and love and the bittersweetness that often comes along with it. With a groovy yet mellow descending chorus line, the fuzzy synths and her gentle harmonies give the song a wholesome feeling.


Speaking on the track Eefje explains: “The Parade is a song full of paradoxes and that is also visible in the video: the individual in interaction with the other, separate individuals together form a larger whole; exposing yourself and hiding again, looking for each other and letting go again, the song and video sketch a blurred line between darkness and cynicism and softness and romance.”


With three successful albums, numerous sold out shows across Benelux and an Anchor Award nomination under her belt, Eefje De Visser is a name we should get to know.

Watch the music video for "De Parade" below: