Eclectic musician Young GStar shares an alluring collaborative release “Dead Night” featuring Gustavo Beats.

Young Gstar is a talented, innovative rapper with an otherworldly flow. Throughout his releases the artist embodies the spirit of free expression, his lyrics are intelligent and rebellious and each delivers messages of hope for outsiders like himself. Having previously felt lost on what’s next in store for him, the artist continues to make relatable music about the circle of life and belonging. 


Collaborating with Gustavo Beats on his single “Dead Night”, GStar finds the light amongst the darkness. A perpetual optimist, Gstar lets this darkness represent the liberation that the moon brings. Poetic in nature the song’s evolution has a living, breathing quality to it and keeps the listener constantly on their toes. Underneath all of this is a vintage bluesy guitar lick that works wonders alongside the highly modern snap of the synth snare, giving it a duality of sorts.


Throughout the track, he makes sure that the piece offers a compliment to the way that darkness can hide all secrets. Far from heavy, there is a lightness to be felt by not having to worry about anything at night. With the last stretch of the track, the song has far-off nighttime urban sounds filter on it adding to the peacefulness of it all. 


“Dead Night” features the chilled-out atmosphere of what the evening can offer, with Gstar focusing on the party-like nature of the night.

Stream “Dead Night” below: