Punk duo Dead Hendrix and Levi Zadoff release their debut EP 'DEAD SUMMER'

Punk musicians Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix have teamed up for a new EP, ‘DEAD SUMMER’, seeing the duo mourn summers lost during Covid-19. The pair bring varied elements to the table for the project. LA-raised Levi Zadoff previously lived in Australia and the Netherlands, and with over 10 million plays on Soundcloud, he brings a global and diverse outlook to their music. His collaborator Dead Hendrix is an exciting new artist from Ottowa, bringing further originality to the mix. 


‘DEAD SUMMER’ is not afraid to tackle hard-hitting emotional topics. The songs see the duo musically come to terms not only with the metaphorical death of summer during lockdown, but the loss of family and friends during this period. The 5-track offering sets relatable songwriting against the angst of the EP’s topics,


Speaking about the inspiration behind the DEAD SUMMER EP, Levi Zadoff says, This project means the world to me, it was extremely fun to create and a pain in the ass to release, but most importantly, it’s probably the most authentic yet experimental piece of work I’ve ever been a part of making”, with Dead Hendrix adding that, “This is the closest thing (so far) to my musical aspirations coming to life. It’s the perfect blend of melody, edge, counterculture, and relevance that I want to make. I think with Levi, I am finally making the music I have envisioned since I was 13”.


Stream 'DEAD SUMMER' below: