Alternative rock riser Sofia Ford releases the new single “Deeper With You”, a bedroom rock banger with a powerful message.

19-year-old multifaceted artist Sofia Ford has reached global acclaim with her innovative take on British alternative music. Following last year’s anthem-worthy “Big Deal”, the producer and songwriter from South London is back with a new single, “Deeper With You”, which sees the songstress’s musical capabilities getting stronger and stronger.


Taking influence from bands such as Oasis and the Stone Roses, Sofia Ford’s passion for 90s rock transpires so effortlessly in her own music. Like all of our country’s great indie bands, she’s grown a fondness for live performance, playing across the world and headlining her own shows in London and Brighton. Crunchy electric guitars and melodic basslines are staple features of her productions, which hark back to that brit-pop nostalgia everyone continues to crave in 2022.


A bedroom rock banger, which possesses an empowering message for its listeners, “Deeper With You” leans on contemplation as Sofia Fox sings passionately down the microphone. On the track, she says: “For me the song is about navigating relationships and knowing when something is enough and not needing to delve further into the relationship as it may bring negativity.”

Listen to "Deeper With You" below: