TV might've bid farewell to Derry Girls, but fans can relive the program with this complete nostalgic soundtrack playlist.

Lisa McGee’s beloved British sitcom Derry Girls came to a bittersweet end last year, but fans can re-experience the show through its much-adored soundtrack.

The series is Channel 4’s most successful comedy since Father Ted, striking a chord with viewers way beyond Britain’s shores. Hollywood director Martin Scorsese claims to be a fan, and The Simpsons even referenced the program in one of its recent episodes. Following a group of friends at a Catholic girls’ secondary school, who humorously navigate through their teenage-hood, the show is partly inspired by director Lisa McGee’s own experiences growing up in Derry during Northern Ireland’s conflict in the 90s.


As well as being known for its humour, Derry Girls has a cherished soundtrack that reflects the iconic era the program is based on. From Britpop pioneers Blur to superstar DJ Fatboy Slim, and pop Queen Madonna to hip-hop heavyweights Salt-N-Pepa, several illustrious acts and their songs feature throughout the three series.

Stream Derry Girls' soundtrack below: