22-year-old producer and artist, Joshua Kuhr, wears his heart on his sleeve in his new single "Detached".

Growing up in Fairfax, Virginia, Joshua began learning classical music at the age of 9. He played the cello in many orchestras throughout his school years. Joshua began then began to produce and write hip-hop and indie pop music during high school. Over time the young artist has been focused on fine-tuning his style into a gentler approach, creating music that speaks to a more lo-fi, chilled out vibe with many different elements of indie, alternative, hip-hop and ambient.


Now, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Joshua delivers his latest indie pop track ‘Detached’. Dreamy, layered harmonies and hazy guitar strums create the backbone of track. Joshua denotes the concept to the feeling of wanting to respectfully escape from everything in your personal world just for the time being, “It’s not a permanent feeling, but rather a way of helping yourself first so you can have a better mindset about the world later.”


The smooth blend of Joshua’s vocals combined with the upbeat instrumental laced with pockets of twinkling percussion provides a relatable sound and sense of daydreaming. Dedicated to his art, Joshua is hoping to leave his own striking impact on the indie scene.

Listen to 'Detached' below: