Alt-rock artist Deva St. John slams back with her latest single “Pity Party”.

Counting Huw Stephens among her fans, Deva St. John has been blasting the music landscape since her arrival in 2018.


The Reading-born artist has had praise over the airwaves from BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing, and fans up and down the country. Offering a modern take on old-school rock, her newest single “Pity Party” is no exception: the single glides seamlessly between bustling instrumentals, to angelic vocals, to raging choruses.


Deva St. John has explained: “’Pity Party’ is a bit of a genre-hopper. It’s an amalgamation of my more commercial influences. Lyrically depressing, yet tonally bright. It’s a bouncy tune for the overthinking and introverted. It’s about making lemonade out of lemons, I guess. Turning something shitty into something positive. I wanted each section of the song to portray another stage in someone’s process of acceptance. The denial of “it’s just a speedbump, it’ll be fine!” to “I’m depressed, I don’t know what to do” to “I’m pissed off! Why is this happening!?” to “oh, yeah. That was really tough, but it is okay.” I wrote ‘Pity Party’ when I was having some serious career doubts. I was worried I was taking on too much and terrified I’d never achieve what I’m capable of. Writing this song was a big step in me getting out of my own way.”


With a troop of singles out this year, you’ll certainly be hearing more from Deva St. John.

Listen to "Pity Party" below: