Jarid Root has dropped a hard-hitting collection of songs, 'Devil's Advocate'.

Jarid Root has been working his way towards living his artistic dreams for some time. As a child, he dabbled in both youth modelling competitions and acting, working on numerous top TV shows, but songwriting was always his greatest passion – and therefore the one that’s taken the longest work.


Inspired by his journey towards coming out and accepting his sexuality, Jarid Root has now emerged as a bold Gen Z artist with a passion for telling personal stories with a particular import for the LGBTQ+ community. He’s summarised all that hard work on his official debut EP, ‘Devil’s Advocate’.


‘Devil’s Advocate’ demonstrates a boldness of intent all the way through, with Root delving unflinchingly into a variety of tough subjects. In “Locked n Loaded”, he probes the troubling question of the gun violence epidemic in America’s schools and the negligent policies that have allowed it to take root, while “Tug My Teeth” tackles the anguished experience of self-loathing.


It’s a hard-hitting collection of tunes, but one which makes clear that there’s no theme that Root deems too taboo to access – by asking the hard questions time and time again, he’s staking his place as a chronicler of the unique hardships experienced by his generation.

Listen here: