Berlin-based, Vietnamese-German artist ANOTHER NGUYEN releases 'Different', an uplifting pop track that shows her natural dynamism.

With her empowering new single ‘Different’ out in the open, ANOTHER NGUYEN is the electro-pop sensation you need on your radar. Built upon an embracement of individuality, her music is both dynamic and delicate. The Berlin-based artist rarely leaves an emotion untouched, wearing her heart on her sleeve with a dulcet vocal delivery.  


Uplifting and inspiring, ANOTHER NGUYEN’s music has captivated an audience looking for their place in an ever-changing world. Known for her energetic live performances, the artist translates the swelling bass and kaleidoscopic drums of previous singles into a tangible experience.


On ‘Different’, ANOTHER NGUYEN analyses the feeling of what could have been between two people. Written in the summer of 2022, the track changed from an acoustic demo into an uplifting pop track when working with producer YIva Brandtsegg. On the single, she says, It was interesting to experience that it’s very possible to feel a connection to someone else even if you do love your partner and you’re committed to them”.

Listen to 'Different' below: