Discover Dior Goodjohn's journey in music, her unique sound in Pop/R&B, and her debut single 'Focus'. An inspiring story of a rising star.

The music industry constantly evolves, introducing new talents that redefine genres and capture hearts. One such emerging talent is Dior Goodjohn, whose journey in music is as remarkable as her sound. Growing up with R&B roots and a love for pop, Dior Goodjohn has seamlessly blended these genres to create a style that’s uniquely hers.


The Distinct Sound of Dior Goodjohn


Dior Goodjohn’s music is a harmonious blend of Pop and R&B, influenced by icons like Victoria Monét, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, and Janet Jackson. What sets her apart in the bustling music industry is her authenticity. Dior Goodjohn believes that being true to oneself is key to uniqueness in music. Her songs are not just melodies; they are stories, emotions, and experiences from her life, offering honesty and relatability to her listeners.


‘Focus’: The Debut Single that Captures the Essence


The upcoming release of her debut single, ‘Focus’, on March 15th, marks a significant milestone in Dior Goodjohn’s career. The song epitomizes her musical journey – vibrant, honest, and deeply personal. With over 20,000 presaves in its first week, ‘Focus’ is a testament to her growing popularity and the excitement of her fans. Her primary audience from her impressive acting career eagerly anticipates this release, expecting a track that resonates with honesty and offers a good rhythm to dance to.


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Listen to 'Focus' below now: