Rising hip-hop artist Marsofyouth has released his liberating new single, "Dirty".

Marsofyouth resides in Atlanta, and is an unmistakeable product of that city’s vibrant underground music scene, which has fed into his music.


His music is built on vulnerable self-expression and building empathy with his listeners, using melancholic acoustics 808s and acoustics to let you into his fragile yet intricately constructed world.


“Dirty” is the first drop from Marsofyouth’s upcoming EP, a typically revealing track which builds to a passionate and emotional chorus. Marsofyouth describes the inspiration for the track, calling it “a personal reflection that could be mirrored to any relationship. It captures the moment when you’re faced with either sticking it out with someone or focusing on your purpose in life. It’s an introduction to one of the many colors of my upcoming EP”.


It’s an exciting release that kicks off the road to the new EP with style.

Listen below: