Dark-soul duo, Spelles, entice listeners to explore their sacred spaces in debut album, Diving Into the Arms of the Divine.

Reminding us that music can provide a cinematic experience is the ethereal duo, Spelles. Unleashing atmospheric soundscapes that have piqued the ears of many, their emotive bodies of sounds stand aside as the lyricism takes centre stage, so meticulously crafted they read like poetry. Spelles’s latest offering which stands as the duo’s debut album, is nothing short of an ode to their sonic landscapes, traversing us on an emotional yet spiritual odyssey whilst unravelling a sound that transcends conventional music genres.


You may have heard of Spelles – they got on our radar with their unreleased song ‘Bird in a Cage’ playing on the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars – however, all preconceptions are to be wiped as their emotive album calls for a more official introduction. Comprised of Kathryn Baar and Luc Lauren, the pair already have an admirable roster of hints, amassing over five million streams for their spellbinding sound.


Their highly anticipated debut album, Diving Into the Arms of the Dive, quickly assures us that the wait was worth it. Unleashing their familiar eerie sonic landscapes, intertwined with soulful vocals, the project pays homage to their artistry. Standing at eleven tracks, the myriad of soul-drenched anthems represents an exploration of our inner worlds and the private hells that lie within, as well as canvassing the universal sense of longing and the journey to introspection over darkness.


Standout songs include the cinematic crusade in ‘Holy Hells’, where echoes of stoic philosophy and the art of perseverance are heard as personal transformation is celebrated, all through a spiritual sound that amalgamates indie pop with gospel flavourings. More genre-defying musical dexterity is demonstrated in ‘Night Terrors’, as it kicks off with a blues-inspired bass synth riff intertwined with the bold pulsations of the drums. A sense of feeling all-consumed is enveloped by heart-soaked verses that raise tension, plunging listeners below the surface. Yet just as the depths seem invincible, the track concludes with a valiant ending, pulling the audience back into the light.

Listen to 'Diving Into the Arms of the Divine' now: