Dizzy Fae releases her bubbly and liberating debut EP ‘Antenna’ and chats with Notion about Disney, sexuality and being a big ball of love.

Growing up in a four-bedroom home with five other kids, Dizzy found her escape from the chaos when she was performing. She excelled in ballet as part of TU Dance Academy and attended Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Arts in Minnesota where she honed her voice, training in opera and jazz music. Whilst her confidence grew, Dizzy still found solace by hiding in her bathroom. It’s there where she conceived her debut single “Color Me Bad”. The soulful wave of a song made its way to Apple Music and even premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats1 show. In the wake of this, she landed an opening slot for The Internet’s Ego Death tour stop in Minneapolis, making her live debut as a junior in high school.


Building an organic buzz, Dizzy joined bills with the likes of Jorja Smith, Kehlani, Empress Of, Snoh Alegra, Marian Hill, and eventually supported Lizzo for a sold-out US tour in 2016, only months after graduating from high school. This led to the release of her debut mixtape ‘Free Form’ in 2018, continuing her rapid momentum with her acclaimed ‘NO GMO Mixtape’ the following year.

The self-described “sex pop” artist now returns with her latest project; a speedy, high-energy collection of titillating tracks that craft the perfect soundtrack for post-Covid clubbing. ‘Antenna’ is the next step in Dizzy’s genre-bending evolution, as she continues to slip through the cracks between R&B, pop, and jazz, inviting us all into her new world.


Featuring on the EP is Dizzy’s recently released single “Body Move”, which arrived with a colourfully provocative video inspired by classic Disney channel aesthetics. ‘Antenna’ also features previously released club tune “360 Baby”; a track that reverberates as neon keys coil around warbling vocal transmissions before a bass-y synth bounce takes hold. Dizzy transfixes with a robotic melody, lusty verses, and all kinds of glitchy bliss.


After amassing millions of streams independently and receiving widespread acclaim, Dizzy Fae breaks every preconceived notion. With more music on the horizon, Dizzy opens up a portal to another dimension.


Notion caught up with Dizzy to discuss what she has learned from touring, how her music aids in her personal development of queerhood, and what the world looks like once this is all over.

As someone who has trained in ballet, opera and jazz music, how have these aspects influenced your musical upbringing to where you are today?

To be honest, I was listening to my first mixtape ‘Free Form’ recently and you can hear a lot of those influences and what part of my journey I was on at that time. It’s pretty cool. I think all those things are foundational and that’s the best place to start from and carry through. I use those elements and techniques when needed- there’s a lot of discipline in all of those that always stay in my awareness.

How did opening for The Internet and Lizzo come about and what were you able to learn from each of these experiences?

Honestly, my manager is my number 1 fan and has been since I started. He’s helped me with a lot of my shows and I show them what the fuck is up. We’re a good duo in that way. These experiences were all about me and the audience. The Internet was my first show, so I was feeling out how it felt being on stage, playing with my own technique and intention. Lizzo was my first tour and I was really focusing on the audience and I’s chemistry. It’s helped me realize what kind of music I want to make and how I want to watch people watch me. Performing is an out-of-body experience for me.

We love your Disney channel-inspired intro for “Body Move”. Where did this idea come from and why did you want to include it?

The inspo came from Disney Channel transitions but also for the handshake. I wanted to make that a Scott Pilgrim vs The World theme with the close-ups and quickness! It’s all just my personality and I enjoy showcasing who I am cause can’t nobody else be it. Also like wait till I start acting on these hoes haha.

The iconic acting is accompanied by an equally brilliant Ying Yang Twins reference. Why does this era of 2000s music particularly speak to you?

The early 2000s is what grew me up as a kid. Now since I’ve already ate it up, it’s been digesting and now I gotta shit on these hoes with my flavor. I also believe we’re going into our roaring 20s and early 2000s – in 2020 it’s going to hit cause there were hits and people wanna move. Body move. The Ying Yang Twins are legends… I only fuck with legends.

We also hear you had a lot of fun whilst filming for Khalid’s 2019 film Free Spirit. What made this time so special and are you looking to further explore acting in the future?

The whole crew was so great. I think that’s what made the experience great. I’m super excited to act in the future. I have big goals with that and it’s going to happen.

What portals are you opening up with your debut EP ‘Antenna’ and how does it differ from your previous projects?

If you take a look at all my project covers from “Free Form” to “NO GMO” to ‘Antenna’, you can see the progression in portals I myself have tapped into. ‘Antenna’ is a call out to if you see me, I see you. It’s a hug and welcome to all the Dizzerts. It’s literally an Antenna getting the right frequency.

How are you hoping to make people feel when hearing this EP and where should they listen to it for the first, tenth, and hundredth time?

I hope this EP just gets to people and is a part of their journey. I hope they listen to this and feel inspired. I hope they listen to this for the hundredth time a hundred more times. I’m just trying to gather up the Dizzerts.

By creating music that is sexually liberating and welcoming for others, does it also aid in the development and growth of your own personal queerhood?

Absolutely. My music is a reflection of the world I’m in. I’m just trying to be a big ball of love when I leave this earth and shit I’m a sexual one at that. I enjoy talking about it too.

What parts of performing live are you most looking forward to experiencing again?

The rehearsals – I love the process. I’m just ready for people to see a fucking show. My fucking show.

What does Dizzy’s world look like once all this sh*t is over?

You tell me.

Stream 'Antenna' below: