“DND (feat. SasukesxRevenge)” presents the blistering heat of tønejustdied’s lyricism, out now.

tønejustdied is not content to exist in his local Phoenix, AZ, music scene. His sights are set on a far grander vision of impacting the world. More than anybody else, TJD understands that he cannot achieve this feat alone and knows precisely what he needs to do to round up his people and team in pursuit of this common goal. With his team at REZUREKKTION Records, he is relentlessly working towards creating more content, music, and shows designed to strengthen the bond between him and his fans.


With plans underway for his album release next year, TJD has been teasing his fans by dropping exceptional singles with his friends and colleagues, including KNØTTZ, SasukesxRevenge, and G3. He is building a solid reputation as one of the young rap sensations making strides in the music industry with his excellent star potential.


An unflinchingly violent assault, tønejustdied puts so much energy and emphasis on every word with “DND (feat. SasukesxRevenge).” Within the confines of the track, he recalls the ferocity of DMX at his absolute best alongside the more recent overpowering ethos of XXXTENTACION. The raw muscle extends beyond the vocal delivery. Verses here have that fury, but when placed alongside the sheer brutality of the arrangement, a certain edge is gained. His ability to teach this all to himself as a way of wanting it bad enough touches upon another rap iconoclast, the unique production efforts of Tyler, The Creator, in crafting an extraordinary world.


Chords skitter about with the first few moments. The song’s buildup has such majesty. Everything about the track explodes with the drop of the beat. Firmly rooted in trap, as shown by the heavy bass, the narrative that emerges out of his sheer speed through the details adds to the blurred beauty of going through every single vignette. His delivery harkens back to an earlier era in hip-hop, touching upon Busta Rhymes’ sheer chaotic nature. Nor does he limit it to the theme. On the periphery, he lets loose, with the little snippets of melody trying to break through the overwhelming sense of doom he presents. The juxtaposition of this gentle melody alongside the deep-in-the-red sense of the groove helps to ensure that the track’s message lingers long after it has ended.


Tension and paranoia pour out of every crevice on the aggression of tønejustdied’s “DND (feat. SasukesxRevenge).” OUT NOW.

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