House music stalwart Fiorious releases Joe Goddard collaboration “Do It All Again”, an electronic cut lined with synthy pop.

Making music with the dancefloor in mind, Fiorious is redefining what it means to be a house vocalist. Collaborating with names like Honey Dijon and Purple Disco Machine, while receiving support from Annie Mac, the electrifying artist continues to prove his excellence, releasing dynamic singles and features at a consistent rate. 


Inextricably tied to house and disco, Fiorious’ music avenues don’t stop there. The co-founder of Greco Roman Records, whose roster included names such as Joe Goddard, Disclosure and Tirzah, the NYC-based artist is persistent in shedding light on fresh talent as well as showing off his own. He’s also part of the notorious dance duo The 2 Bears, who deliver memorable blends of house, techno and everything in between. 


Fiorious’ latest single, “Do It All Again”, is a deliciously textured house cut, lined with extra synths and the NYC native’s sugary vocals. Released with Joe Goddard, who is best known for his role in the electro-pop outfit Hot Chip, the track is one of a slew to come out between both artists this year.  

“Listen to ‘Do It All Again’, which we discovered on, below: