Brit-pop outfit The Horn unleash the final instalment of their debut EP with title-track “Do It Now”.

Born out of studio sessions between former Friends of Gavin member Nick True and multi-instrumentalist Danny Monk, The Horn began as an outlet to bring Nick’s long-lost 80s tracks to life. Subsequently joined by frontman/lead singer Jonny Taylor, keyboardist Ed Cox and drummer Alex Moorse to form a five-piece band, The Horn is now looking firmly to the future.


Combining each of its members’ experience, taste and talents, the band soon established its own unique brand of British indie rock-pop. Made up of four tracks, The Horn’s recent debut EP ‘Do It Now’ crystallises their infectious sound, with songs to soundtrack everything from an introspective evening in to dancing in a sweaty room or driving high-speed with the windows down.


Completing the project, new release and title track “Do It Now” blocks out the daily noise to focus on what matters most: living our one life to the fullest. Initially written by Nick at home in almost one sitting, each band member brought their own touch to the track – a collaborative energy that’s mirrored in the video, which sees them jamming together in a white space with large podiums that spell out their band name.


In a time where we’re bombarded with information and change – often without any agency to enact real change ourselves – “Do It Now” explores how we can lose clarity in the chaos and forget our real purpose. With an anxious undercurrent throughout the track, repetitive percussion magnifies the message of its lyrics. As Jonny describes: “Without you always wanting it to, this song gets under the skin like a knife and stays with you for days. But really I think it expresses the frustration, which is perhaps that of not being allowed to do something, waiting in line, or just the sheer impatience of what it is to be a human being on this planet”.

Watch the official "Do It Now" video below: