Providing positive frequencies and sonic vibrations, the Goldkimono vibe is the energy the world needs right now.

Encouraged by his mother, Tienus Konijnenburg began classical piano lessons at age five in his hometown outside of Amsterdam. A dedicated student, he shifted course upon hearing Freddy Mercury from a friend’s tape deck.


After leaving home to travel the world upon high school graduation, the Dutch artist spent his young adult years exploring foreign cultures, living out of hostels, playing in bands and writing songs. Inspired by acts like Queen and later Wutang Clan, groups who created entire worlds within a single song, Tienus’ eclectic musical taste is an extension of his diverse relationships, experiences, and style.


Inspired by unity and the need for more of it, the Goldkimono project is driven by Tienus’ desire to spread positive intention. Now with his latest track “Does it Move You”, Tienus explains, “This is a song about self-reflection…In such times (like all times), it seems good to take a break and ask yourself; what moves me? What am I doing, and why? The answer to such questions will undoubtedly sound different for everyone. However, that doesn’t stop this song from attempting to inspire an answer. It’s here to remind us of our vitality in a world where we tend to underestimate our own ability to take control of our lives.”


The songwriter continues by saying, “‘Don’t change the world, just change your socks’ as said in the chorus, is an animated way of saying that, to bring change to the world we have to bring change to ourselves. We are not cemented into our personalities and conditioning. In fact, we can check ourselves out of the boxes we (or they) have put us in. If it moves you, that is.”

Watch the music video for "Does It Move You" below: