Immersive pop-rock group Encore embark on a new chapter in their career with the nostalgia evoking new single, "DONE".

Making it their mission to leave a legacy, Encore are the pop-rock duo helmed by talented brothers Donald and Richard Plant. Over the last few years, they’ve garnered two million streams, as fans develop a palatable craving for their catchy choruses and edgy nostalgia. “DONE” is their latest track, signifying a new chapter and providing the perfect introduction to their forthcoming debut album. 


Pioneering a community-driven approach, the dynamic group place great emphasis on the connection they’ve formed with audiences worldwide. A triumphant North American tour in 2022 saw them mesmerise with a unique stage presence and high-energy performances. Such events have left them poised to leave an indelible mark on their fanbase, who’ve continued to ride with them throughout 2023. 


“DONE” strives to evoke a sense of nostalgia; the track immerses you in the moment and possesses sing-along qualities for everyone to enjoy. In their own words, Encore share “DONE” reflects the irony of how just a few simple words can be expanded into an entire story” adding that, “This song stands apart as an example of what this new chapter will look like, and what people can expect from us moving forward.” 

Stream “Done” below: