Malaysian artist Mardiana invites listeners into her otherworldly dreamscape with new hybrid-pop release, “Don’t Cry For Me”, out now.

Blending EDM, R&B and pop with her melodic vocals, Mardiana is writing her own future with an animated message of independence. It is with an optimistic tone that the young songstress approaches personal growth in her early twenties. Though the synth-wave tune is soothing and sentimental tonally, what shines through is a sense of vibrance in both the lyrics and synths. 


Her newest track appears on her already-released album of the same name, “Don’t Cry For Me”. It features nine other songs, including “Stuck in The Future”, from which she took the sample for this single. While Stuck in the Future focuses on a boundless sense of youth, the single Don’t Cry For Me is about navigating change alongside the intricacies of love. 


Speaking on the meaning behind the track, Mardiana explains, “It’s about entering a different phase in your life, where it’s the turning point of stepping into something that’s bigger than yourself. The lyrics are about pursuing my dreams, not letting anything hold me back, and telling my loved ones not to worry for me, hence the lyric, ‘the world awaits, I’m on my way, please don’t cry for me’. It’s also knowing that not everyone will understand my decisions, and I’m okay with that.”

Stream “Don’t Cry For Me” below.