Gilska layers silky vocals and synths in latest electropop offering, “Don’t Need Your Love”.

Rising star Gilska just shared a pulsing brand-new track, complete with ‘80s influences and a catchy hook. Blending electronic sounds with pop tendencies, her recent release puts an upbeat spin on melancholy-tinged lyrics. 


The meaning behind the single? It’s “Very literal”, as Gilska explains, “I think a lot of people look for closure when they still want situations to work out even when it means putting themselves in vulnerable positions, and so I really want to shed light and empower people that can relate.”


The track borrows from the artist’s clear wide musical knowledge, having first received classical training before finding her niche in pop anthems. It has since evolved into a more introspective art, one which is rooted in sophisticated lyricism and becoming one with the experience of creating. And her soulful new release is a true testament to that.

Listen to “Don’t Need Your Love” below:


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