Dave Curl drops honest anthem ‘Don’t Talk Anymore’, to get us all thinking about our love affair with screens.

A train journey through Switzerland catalysed Dave Curl’s latest single, ‘Don’t Talk Anymore’, into existence. Not the rolling hills and emerald pastures, but the stark realisation of the silence on the carriage, every passenger locked into a matrimony with their phone. The glitchy, rowdy single shines a light on the pecking order we’ve all too easily accepted, valuing the glare of screens over human interaction. ‘Don’t Talk Anymore’ is a raucous reminder of the silence screens have created.


Awakening a new chapter of his career, the Australian-Swiss singer-songwriter is really making “carpe diem” his motto in 2024. Having released his sophomore LP Lockdown-Seven Nations only a few months ago, he’s already getting another release under his belt.


Taking inspiration from a pool of icons, Dave Curl encompasses elements of the legendary artists from his youth, sprinkling fragments of Sting, Nick Cave, Eminem, and Bryan Adams left, right, and centre, whipping up a unique DIY rock-rap mish-mash.


With a distinctive glitch-core adjacent intro, ‘Don’t Talk Anymore’ harks right back to that train ride, taking your ears on a journey through bluesy guitar undercut by an impressive bassline, with a little country nod in the chorus, coming together in what you could call an electrifying rock track. And it seems Dave Curl won’t stop anytime soon; the outlandish musician is in for a summer of touring, leaving us wondering what turn his sonic experimentation might take next.


The track is food for thought: Dave Curl is set on getting us all talking again, realising our obsession with the virtual world, and honouring the importance of touching grass and appreciating the life going on around you.

Listen to 'Don't Talk Anymore' now: