Matt Marlow has released an uplifting new single, "Don't You Dare".

It’s been a tough two years for everybody, and Matt Marlow is determined to let his listeners know they’re not alone. Marlow intensely values connection as a core aspect of his music, spending time with close-knit family and inspired continuously by his Christian faith.


Connection was hard to come by in lockdown, though, which has fuelled the intense and real emotion behind his new track, “Don’t You Dare”. Produced by Mat Cammarano, Brandon Metcalf and Luke Sutton, it’s an emblem of Marlow’s desire to truly uplift in his music – not by ignoring the pain, but by listening to it in order to find healing.


Brought together by Marlow’s gentle and introspective vocals, the track is a burst of hard-earned optimism that should send its listeners into brighter times ahead.


On the track, Marlow says, “This song is about not giving up. Point blank, life can be real shit sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you call it quits. I was in a bad place in 2020, but I turned all that pain and frustration into my music. I want to help others going through depression or tough times. This song means everything to me. It’s for the people that need to hear you’re not alone and one day, you’re gonna feel the love. Love for yourself and this beautiful thing called life.”

Listen here: