Joshua Idehen has dropped an inspiring new track, "Don't You Give Up On Me".

Creative chameleon Joshua Idehen has lent his talents to a wide variety of projects in recent years. As part of jazz crew Calabashed, he’s been a great part of a collaborative success that has been tipped as one to watch across the music press. He has also worked on ‘Black to the Future’, an album by Sons of Kemet alongside stars Kojey Radical and D Double E, proving his bonafides as a major force on the UK jazz/electronica scene.


With all that experienced accrued, Idehen is pushing it forwards in his solo career with his latest exciting drop, the tune “Don’t You Give Up On Me”, executed in collaboration with vocal big hitters from the likes of Basement Jazz, MBE and The Cinematic Orchestra.


The track begins in quiet fashion, with gentle instrumentals backing the unfiltered and vulnerable vocals of Idehen as he reflects on his victories and losses, then slowly builds into something with a greater impact than personal reflection with the aid of a cathartic and inspiring gospel chorus which backs up Idehen on the song’s central refrain.


On the track, Idehen says, “This was the first beat Ludvig [producer] sent me, and I pretty much finished the lyrics by that days end. It’s a poem about second chances and forgiving yourself. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel people are too quick with each other these days: I know I’ve been guilty of it at times. this is a plea for a bit more patience with each other, and for me to be a bit more patient with myself.”

Listen here here: